Savor Susan Van Allen's entertaining anecdotes and
               practical details as she takes you up and down the
               beautiful boot to immerse yourself in Italy's pleasures.
              Discover such delights as masterpieces that glorify
              womanly curves, the palace where Audrey Hepburn
              lived in Roman Holiday, gardens where courtesans once
              frolicked, spas for pampering, beaches for relaxing, wine
              bars and jazz clubs, adventures where you'll be making
              tortellini with grandmas, shopping for Italy's prized
              ceramics, skiing in the Dolomites, or setting up an easel
              to paint a Tuscan landscape. No matter your mood, even
              if you're simply armchair traveling, Italy awaits.


“It’s as if Susan has left us a trail of succulent ravioli criss-crossing the country, and we follow along gleefully, nibbling on one delightful, enlightening morsel after another.”
Nan McElroy, Author, Italy: Instructions for Use and

"Iíve been traveling to Italy for 35 years. On my next trip, Iím taking this little gem with me. It opens so many doors to new experiences that excite me and deepens old experiences to enjoy again in a brand new way." –– Margaret Cowan, Mama Margaret Newsletter

"I knew that Italy was the land of la dolce vita and far niente, but this is the first book to present an organized way to find your way through her earthly and soulful wonders. I want  all my girlfriends to have a copy of  100 Places."
- Camille Cusumano, editor of Italy, a Love Story

"A wonderful gift for any woman traveling to Italy. With Susan’s advice you won’t be overwhelmed and  you’ll discover how nurturing it is to travel in a country that has honored us since we all descended from Venus."
Marybeth Bond, Author, Gutsy Women and Best Girlfriend Getaways Worldwide

"Think of author Susan Van Allen as your Italian best friend...Men will like the book's insider spin too!"––Delta Sky

"5 Travel Books Worth a Look"–– Chicago Tribune

Associated Press, USA TODAY
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††Here's what MEN have to say:

 “Part guidebook, part history, and part manual to the good life in the land of La Dolce Vita, Susan Van Allen’s magnum opus on all things Italian is essential reading for women (and men) who either want to get the most out of their next trip or want to be spirited back to their last.”
David Farley, author of An Irreverent Curiosity

 "That old Freudian chestnut–’What do women really want?!’ — has been answered once again in yet another appealing Travelers’ Tales opus specifically designed for, and written by, women. In this instance, Susan Van Allen has romped through an Italy replete with seductive goddesses and female saints, architectural wonders, beauty spas, entrancing beaches, shopping sprees and craft/cultural courses, and picked the very best, mixing dreamy delights with drops of dainty decadence. Van Allen suggests readers: 'treat this book like a cookbook…and make a full meal of it.' She obviously did. You could–and you should."
David Yeadon, author of “Seasons In Basilicata"