1. Small group tours (14 max). You get personal, caring attention every step of the way.
2. Custom-designed and led by author Susan Van Allen. You’ll have a fun-loving savvy traveler girlfriend with you all week to lead you to hidden treasures.
3. Full immersions into a destination, with Femme Friendly Focus. Staying in one spot for a while gives you the chance to deeply know it, and focusing on the HERstory of its culture and art deepens our personal connection to Italy.
4. Entertaining local guides share their expertise and insider’s perspective. My local girlfriends/guides love showing us their hometowns, and guests love getting to really know these lovely natives.
5. Fun activities with the locals: cooking classes, wine tastings, visits to artisan workshops. When you roll out pasta with a local nonna, or pick up a paintbrush in a ceramics workshop, you become a part of Italian tradition.
6. Blissful Spa Time — Following a tradition from the days of the Roman Empire! You’ll discover a fabulous, relaxing indulgence that many tourists miss.
7. Luxury accommodations for the week, where we’re welcomed like family. Each hotel inspires oohs and ahhs upon arrival, and reluctant departures…
8. A relaxing balance of group activities and time for independent explorations. We explore together at a relaxed pace (there’s time to stop and taste the prosecco), and each day there’s also time for guests to shop and experience the sights according to their desires.
9. Susan does all the planning and gives expert guidance so you can fully enjoy every Golden Day! I know you lead busy lives, and often do so much planning–leave this week to me and experience the true meaning of La Dolce Vita=The Sweet Life.
10. Perfect for Solo Travelers, Girlfriend Getaways, Mothers & Daughters. Friendships are formed amidst wonderful guests that last way beyond our week together…



Raves for Golden Weeks…

Susan Van Allen tour Golden Week in Italy for Women Only


Jolene B. – California

My thanks to Susan Van Allen for making her book come to life!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this Golden Week. Susan’s heartfelt desire for everyone to enjoy their time was evident each and every day. (Florence, 2015)

Women's Travel, Golden Week in Italy, Susan Van Allen, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go

Joyce, Virginia

What a wonderful trip. Susan made it all so enjoyable and fun – and always with the exclamation point to finish each day.  Our group managed to mesh very well. It is always nice to let people go at their own pace.” — Joyce Riley, Virginia (Florence, 2016)


Laura, Alabama

Susan made me feel like every detail of this week was planned for me personally. I did have reservations about going on a scheduled tour, but was delighted to see the activities were not rigidly dictated by time constraints. I was not rushed through to keep to a strict schedule, but allowed enough time to enjoy each activity. I also appreciated the amount of free time that was built into the schedule. It allowed me to personalize my experience in this beautiful city. Perfect. (Florence, 2015)


Deb, New Jersey

My week far surpassed my expectations. I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to visit and will definitely go back. The group was wonderful. Susan was terrific and I had tears in my eyes saying goodbye to Fiorella. A truly wonderful experience for me. (Southern Italy, 2016)

The Golden Week in Santa Margherita Ligure was terrific. Susan put an excellent trip together, filled with many interesting tours seasoned with a variety that everyone would enjoy. Her shopping, dining, and other recommendations were always to perfection. It was like we all become a family during our stay. — Liz, New Jersey (Italian Riviera 2016)

Susan Van Allen, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go, Women's Tours, Italy Travel, Women's Tours to Italy

Debra, Massachusetts

Susan Van Allen did a phenomenal job as our leader. The group of women was delightful. (Florence, 2016)

Susan Van Allen, 100 Places in Italy Every Woman Should Go, Italy Tours, Italy Travel, Women's Tour

Helen, Maryland

Dear Susan, I can never thank you enough for that wonderful adventure we got to share with you. It is right at the top of my favorites….it was just so beautiful there you simply have to see it to believe it. This is the only time in my traveling life that I really wanted to stay. I think I should quit traveling now because I have seen the best with the best. (Southern Italy, 2016)

Susan Van Allen, Women's Tour Italy, Italy Travel, Golden Week in Italy, Women Small Group Tour Italy

Julie, Canada

I loved our Golden Week! Susan goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is having a good time and does her best to accommodate every need however necessary. The group size is ideal and having Fiorella as our guide was excellent. I hope to do another tour with Susan and would not hesitate to recommend these tours to friends. (Southern Italy, 2016)

A marvelous trip from start to finish.”– Carole V, New York (Southern Italy, 2014)

Susan Van Allen, Women's Tour to Italy, Italy travel

Diana V, Oregon

Perfection! You gave us what you promised and then some. I think the biggest compliment was that I didn’t want to leave” (Southern Italy, 2015)


Lisa – Illinois

Fantastic! A great combination of busy and relaxing. (Tuscany, 2012)

The trip renewed my spirit on so many levels…Susan was a wonderful tour host.” — Renee, New York (Florence, 2016)

Susan Van Allen, Women's Tours to Italy, Italy Travel, Women Only Tours

Gale O, Vermont

After spending several days with Susan I came to realize her love for Italy is as deep as the Mediterranean, she is as warm as the sun that sets in Capri… (Southern Italy, 2014)

Susan Van Allen, Italy Tours, Small Group Tours Italy, Italy Travel, Women's Tours to Italy

Chris, Massachusetts

Susan is an inspirational guide who creates an aura of beauty and joy in some of the most beautiful places in Italy! Truly fell in love with Florence—so much so that began to plan a return trip with Susan almost as soon as we returned. Highest of recommendations only! (Florence 2016)

I wish I could have stayed longer. I’d love to know about the next trip! — Dee, New York (Italian Riviera 2016)


Helen S. – San Francisco, California

This trip was clearly designed by an artist–everything flowed along beautifully, a delicious transformational experience of La Dolce Vita! (Tuscany, 2012)

Susan was terrific throughout. Thanks to everyone for a wonderful, memorable experience.”– Jo, Alabama (Florence, 2015)

Italy Travel, Women Only Tours to Italy, Women's Travel

Lynda, Massachusetts

Susan’s humor, knowledge and surprises really made this vacation one of my very favorites! (Tuscany 2013)

Everything was fantastic! Susan was a great tour leader and we all loved her enthusiasm. I would go back in a minute…” Gloria L, New York, New York (Southern Italy, 2014)


Cynthia- Madison, Mississippi

Italians really know how to enjoy life. I would love to do this once a year! (Tuscany, 2013)

Women's Tours to Italy, Italy Travel, Small Group Tours to Italy

Rita, Florida

Amazing…All my passions were enlightened at each breathtaking step…I recommend it highly. (Tuscany 2012)


Gayle, Arizona

I absolutely adored every enthralling, enlightening aspect of my Golden Week experience in Tuscany–a glorious time of female bonding and fun, as well as a feast of our senses absorbing it all! (Tuscany, 2013)


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