YES, moving on from Rome!   sandro_botticelli_annunciation_j1[1] (2)My husband and I sometimes fantasize about this quintessential Florentine day: We’d go to the UFFIZI, spend a very long time in the Botticelli room, taking in such masterpieces as Birth of Venus (ABOVE), Primavera, the Annunciation (TO LEFT) and for dinner have a bisteca at SOSTANZA. Or he’d have the bisteca, I’d have the chicken, and we definitely would have the meringue cake dessert. That’s solid, glorious Italy!

Because the whole challenge in Florence is not to overload. This would be keeping it simple. Is it possible??? What about the doors of the Baptistery…the Tomb of the Medici…DAVID, ETC FLORENCE, ETC!!!

What if… you blocked all that out and simply had a day that was totally Botticelli and Sostanza.

Details: You’d best make a reservation for both. Uffizi:

Sostanza:   055 212 691, Via Porcellana 25r. Sostanza has two seatings–the 7 is mainly for the tourists, the 9 for the locals. Anytime I’ve gone, I’ve been seated at a table with strangers who have become longtime friends. There is a reason this bisteca is legendary…

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